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Air PurificationYour indoor air quality is something you can no longer afford to ignore. With viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other potentially damaging particulates and materials flowing through your vents and circulating throughout your indoor air, you are putting your family - and yourself - at risk. Fortunately, Air Doctor can prescribe the right air purification solution to improve your indoor air quality and keep your family protected.

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At Air Doctor, we prescribe the right solution every time - and that includes the right equipment to improve your indoor air quality. We would only use the best for our family - and we only recommend the best for you.


Easily mounted to your HVAC ducts, the REME HALO® can eliminate sick building syndrome, neutralizing odors, air pollutants, particulates, VOCs, smoke, mold, bacteria, viruses, and more. In fact, it can kill 99% of sneeze germs within 3 feet. Recommended by major hotels, cruise lines, and even the military, its new zinc ions kill 99% of viruses on surfaces throughout your home.

Guardian Air QR+

This is a complete system designed for homes, apartments, townhouses, basements, and more. Also easily mountable to your HVAC duct system, the Guardian Air QR+ creates an advanced oxidation process that consists of hydro-peroxides, super oxide ions, and hydroxide ions - all of which revert back to oxygen and hydrogen after oxidation of pollutants.

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Air Doctor can offer residents in Oldsmar, Tampa, Clearwater, Lutz, Land O' Lakes, Wesley Chapel, and the surrounding areas with all of the AC system services they need. If you are looking for the best air purification solutions, want to schedule AC repair, or have any other HVAC system needs, please contact us today.

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