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RUUD Air Conditioners for Total Home Comfort

ruud air conditionersAre you in the market for a new AC system? Air Doctor can prescribe the right equipment for you and your family. We are big proponents of RUUD air conditioners for Central Florida families, because RUUD AC systems are proven efficient and durable. RUUD is a brand that homeowners and families can trust for optimal comfort and efficiency. Learn more about the features and benefits of RUUD AC systems by speaking to our experts today.

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Why Choose RUUD Air Conditioners for Your HVAC System?

RUUD AC systems are split-systems that include an outdoor AC and indoor air handler to deliver cool and comfortable air throughout your home. Many of their systems are Energy Star® qualified, which means they are proven to be energy-efficient and provide cost savings to homeowners, and the RUUD brand keeps sustainability and the environment top of mind with all their designs and products.

Residential HVAC Systems: RUUD residential air conditioning systems are designed to last for years and are built to withstand the heat and humidity that homeowners in Florida face everyday. There are a broad range of models from which to choose, including 3 ton RUUD air conditioners, RUUD Achiever air conditioners, and more - and we can help you determine which size and SEER rating is right for your home and family.

Financing: Air Doctor is pleased to offer AC financing to all qualified customers. Learn more today!

Ongoing Support: Our expert technicians can deliver installation services for your new equipment and provide ongoing support throughout the life of your equipment. We offer tune-ups, repairs, indoor air quality solutions, including the Guardian Air QR+, and more.

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Air Doctor is proud to serve residential customers in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, and beyond, so if you are looking for RUUD air conditioning distributors or interested in learning more about the benefits of RUUD central air conditioners or want to discuss any other HVAC service needs, contact us today!

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