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Oftentimes, customers think their AC system is broken when really, it's their thermostat that isn't working quite right. At Air Doctor, we can repair and replace thermostats in homes throughout Tampa Bay to help you make the most of your AC system, and we provide top-rated service and support on every call.

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Air Doctor offers all of the services that you need to maintain efficient AC systems year 'round, including thermostat repairs and replacements. If your system keeps running when it's reached your set temperature, doesn't turn on when exceeds your set temperature, or doesn't kick on or off at all, it might have absolutely nothing to do with your central HVAC equipment and simply be an issue with your thermostat. That's great news for homeowners, because thermostat repairs and replacements are relatively cost-effective and won't break the bank. Our technicians can discuss thermostat equipment options with you to help you choose the type and model that's best for your family and budget. There are smart options on the market, and standard models far surpass the performance of thermostats from days gone by.

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Our experienced technicians can also help you with any HVAC system needs you might have. We provide AC repairs, tune-ups, and system replacements, including RUUD air conditioning systems that are durable and energy efficient. We are proud to serve residential customers in Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Palm Harbor, Tarpon Springs, and the surrounding regions, so if you would like to discuss thermostats, new AC systems, repairs, or any other HVAC related topic, contact us today for personalized service and support.

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